Keiser conference Slovenia and Croatia



Why Keiser is better for rehab and sports performance!

ReformX will host an educational event with foreign experts from sports performance training and rehabilitation who will explain how is Keiser equipment used and what are the main benefits.


    1. Robin's presentation will be on why Keiser went with pneumatic technology, I will then talk about the Keiser rack and the benefits of using different proportions of pneumatic and mass resistance concurrently in one exercise. Showing the effects on velocity, power, force and acceleration when this is done.
    2. Damir Laštre will present what are the most important values in fitness and sports assessments. It is important to measure the athlete correctly and afterward know how to interpret, present and apply results to practice. Keiser equipment provides reliable measurements which can be confidently used for the training process. Damir will show which tests can be performed on the Keiser machine and how to use these results.
    3. It is crucial to plan the training correctly to achieve desired results. Damir will prepare a training program based on your inputs and will show how can be Keiser machine effectively used.
    4. Tanja will focus on the application of the Keiser devices in injury rehabilitation and retraining with a special focus on the athletes’ shoulders. In the first part of her lectures she will explain the theory of athletes' shoulder performance and how can Keiser pneumatic resistance help for rehab and retrain
    5. The second part will be focused on practical exercises for the shoulder with the usage of Keiser pneumatic resistance
    6. In the end, we will present apparatus which can help the trainers measure the athletes and help them plan the training accordingly. The measurements will be shown in practice and afterward, we will interpret them together
    1. Robin Gand - Keiser Vice President of Sales for Europe and Africa
      Robin has over 35 years of experience in the Fitness Industry. He has always been drawn towards sports performance and ways to enhance athletes’ performance on the field through correct conditioning.  He achieved provincial colours for track and field and held the junior provincial record for hurdles in Kwa Zulu Natal.  The lack of importance placed on strength conditioning off the field was evident and was always a disconcerting factor for Robin, particularly in the earlier years.  He was one of the pioneers in introducing Olympic lifting to the sport of rugby in South Africa.  On the back of that he was invited by the South African Rugby Union to present at a conditioning seminar attended by all of the South African Rugby Franchises.  A good strength and conditioning coach requires knowledge on training principles, but must also have a good understanding as to what tools are best suited to help the athlete achieve their best performance.  With that understanding, it was obvious that Robin would be drawn towards Keiser and the benefit that athletes could extract from using the equipment.  Robin has worked with Keiser for over 30 years. He has been the distributor in South Africa for Keiser since 2006 and has held the position of Vice President of Sales in Keiser for the UK, Europe and Africa since 2017.

    2. Damir Laštre - Founder of Smart training

      Damir works in NK SOLIN as a football and performance coach with young age categories and seniors.  During 2006-2014, he was involved in all activities in the selection processes of the NSSS (Football Association of the County of Split - Dalmatia) with Prof. Zdravko Marić. He gave a large number of lectures during his work to football coaches. In 2009 he moved to the Joker Fitness Center where he works as a strength and condition and fitness trainer and for the last 5 years as the director of the center. Since 2017, he has been establishing the SMART TRAINING training system and entering a separate space within the FCJ, and expanding the service of the entire center for working with professional athletes in order to raise the ability of young and adult athletes and rehabilitation of sports injuries. For the past 5 years he has attended a large number of professional seminars in the field of sports training, kinesitherapy, sports medicine and functional anatomy and professionally trained and learned from leading world experts such as Mike Boyle, Kevin Carr, Marco Sanchez, Mark Verstegen, Sue Falsone, Dan John, Dr  Stuart Mcgill, Lee Burton, Dimitry Klokova And so critically analyzed their methods and approaches to training in several areas such as Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, physical therapy, functional anatomy, athletics and others and integrated into a unique approach so-called SMART TRAINING -Functional Strength Training. Today SMART TRAINING covers the field of recreation, rehabilitation, fitness training, diagnostics and education of trainers and is known as one of the leaders in the region. He is representative for 2 leading world coaching educations for the region of Eastern Europe 

      • EXOS - Founder Mark Verstegen head strength and condition coach of the German national football team
      • CFSC - founder Mike Boyle is one of the most respected sports educators and coaches in the field of functional training, fitness training of athletes, rehabilitation and fitness training.

       As a fitness trainer and consultant, he has worked with athletes and teams from numerous sports: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, water polo, and others.

    3. Tanja Šarenac - Founder of Total movement

      Tanja Sarenac (Professor of Sport, MA, CSCS) and Maja Ivanovic (Professor of Sport, MA,  NLC, PN) have worked as specialists for physical performance training and diagnostics, injury  rehabilitation and sports nutrition for more than 20 years. They have worked with hundreds of athletes, from young developing talents, all the way to  the professional and Olympic athletes, in many European countries and USA, and in various  sports and sports’ disciplines. 
      Maja and Tanja have worked extensively for the NOC.NSF and for many other sports’  federations: basketball, handball, judo, football, springboard diving, spots climbing,  gymnastics (trampoline), triathlon, paratriathlon, cycling, mountain biking, rowing, etc. Except in coaching and practical application of the scientific and practical evidence, Maja  and Tanja are very active in creating and refining own evidence and methodology through  the application of new technologies in measuring various aspects of human physical  performance. 
      Maja and Tanja are founders and owners of the company Total Movement  with their high-performance training centre and research lab  located in Sittard in the “Watersley Sports and Talentpark” complex.